secrets to long lasting foundation

something i’ve noticed is that one of the biggest requests from clients when getting their makeup done is for their foundation to stay on all day or night. for anyone who does not experiment with or even do their makeup regularly can have a lot of trouble with getting their makeup to stay put all day. here are a few tips and secrets i have learned over the past few years of being a freelance makeup artist.

  • PRIMER! this is a big one. the purpose of a primer is to put a base on so it helps to make your foundation go on smoother and stay longer. there are so many different kinds out there- redness reducing, mattifying, pore minimizing, hydrating, illuminating.. so many!! you can get them from anywhere that sells makeup. for someone who is new to makeup, just start with one from the drugstore and see the difference and if it works for you.
  • POWDER! using a powder after foundation is something that is pretty normal, however i recently learned a new way to use the powder. BEFORE foundation. basically you put on whatever primer you typically wear, right after apply a layer of the powder. then put on foundation and some more powder. i know this sounds like it wouldnt do anything but make you look cakey, but it works amazingly. i have used this trick on myself and many of my clients, and they have all said it worked wonders. personally i love this trick, its perfect for a night out on the town, prom or weddings.
  • SETTING SPRAY! i know this is one of those tips that everyone says, but seriously it works. there are sprays you put on before and/or after you do your makeup. using a setting spray locks everything into place so it doesnt move throughout the day.
  • BAKING! and no i dont mean food. by now, i’m sure many of you have heard of this trick. basically you just pack on translucent setting powder all over your face and let it set in for a few minutes. after letting it sit you can just wipe away the excess powder with a large fluffy brush.

if you find any of these tips helpful, please feel free to share! let me hear what works for you!

4 thoughts on “secrets to long lasting foundation

  1. I love this! It’s perfect – I just cant seem to get into this baking trend! I always feel like I am doing it wrong?! What powder do you use normally?


    1. it’s not an everyday thing, that’s for sure! i only bake my whole face on days where i know it’s going to be a long day! my favorite powder is the coty airspun translucent powder, it’s amazing to say the least!!

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  2. Love these tips! I never use primer but I really should as my foundation never lasts the full day!

    I have a giveaway going live on my blog tomorrow so be sure to check out my blog! xoxo


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