why is self care important?

self care.

why does that seem like such a foreign concept to most people? why is it so scary to talk about?

self care is the practice of taking time to get back to yourself. to become grounded in who you are again. to become a better you in order to be better for yourself and others.

i have a solid set of self care practices that allow me to be reminded of my inner being. yoga, breathing, stretching, tea & fresh air, bubble baths. all of these are practices that bring me back to earth. when i’m feeling off or tired, i know i can always come back to these things in order to feel content again.

i have struggled A LOT with anxiety and depression. and when i say a lot, i mean honestly more than i would like to admit. after years of struggling with trying to understand what causes it & why it happens, i have figured out that all i need is time for myself. and i needed to make that a priority. make myself a priority.

take time for yourself. take time for what makes you, YOU. it’s not selfish, it’s normal. learn who you are and learn how to be a better version of yourself, for yourself. life can be amazing, but you have to be happy in order for it to be that way.

what are your self care practices?

One thought on “why is self care important?

  1. Yes I totally agree Haley! I’ve been doing that for myself and taking steps to really reflect back on my accomplishments. I’m constantly reminding myself that the best benchmark of what is great is reflecting back on my old self – How I’ve change, what I am doing now to achieve new goals. One self care practice I do is to pamper my skin. As I write I have a spot treatment on a nasty pimple. Glad to have come across your post today! Keep at it girl!


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