bridal makeup tips

YAY! you’re getting married!

everything is planned and booked but now comes the stressful part of what you want to look like on your big day. brides can get this “pinterest” look in their head of what they want exactly, which is great. as a makeup artist, i WELCOME pictures & ideas! however, everyone is different. here are some things to keep in mind when planning the bridal beauty part of your wedding.

  1. {book a trial run} this may seem unnecessary or unneeded, but it is. this is the time where you and your makeup artist can sit down and play with what you want on your big day. talk about your favorite and least favorite features, what techniques you do or don’t like. this is the time to get the hard and stressful stuff out of the way so you’re not upset about the outcome on the day of
  2. {go slightly more dramatic than your usual makeup routine} this is one of the first things i tell my brides during the trail run. if you are used to a natural look or wearing no makeup on a day to day basis, don’t pick a dark smokey eye. this is something i cannot stress enough. the contrast of what you’re used to and what your bridal makeup comes out to be can be too dramatic and cause you to decide to do your own on the day of. booking a makeup artist the day of takes one more things off your plate and can be extremely beneficial. when finding inspiration, look for something that looks slightly more dramatic than what you typically wear and go from there.
  3. {bolder the better} this is not me saying to do a dramatic wing and dark eyeshadow. just keep in mind that in pictures, you want it to look like you have makeup on. you want your features to stand out and enhance your already beautiful features.
  4. {be open with your makeup artist} this is SUPER important during your trial run and your day of. as a makeup artist, i am here to give you the look you want. if there is something you don’t like, you have to be comfortable enough to say you don’t like it. your MUA does not want to leave with an unsatisfied client to fix it herself.
  5. {be open to suggestions} makeup artists can tell you what looks good and what doesn’t. if you want a dark smokey eye in the middle of the summer, it can look off in photos. this is just to say that if your makeup artist suggests a softer eye, hear them out. let them show you that it can still be dramatic and bold, just in a softer way.

these are just a few things i have seen as a makeup artist. we are here to give you as the bride what you want, but keep these tips in mind when getting your bridal makeup done.

i hope this was helpful to y’all! xoxo

photo credit: His and Hers Foto Wedding Photography

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