the beauty blogger tag

this is a tag made up of 15 questions all about my beauty routine! i saw this one on & i challenge everyone who reads this to participate!

  1. what is one product you cannot go without?
    • i would definitely have to go with moisturizer. if i cant have anything else, i can at least make sure my face looks hydrated.
  2. what is your favorite makeup brand?
    • anastasia beverly hills, their products are super high quality & reasonably priced
  3. who is your style inspiration?
    • i dont know that i have just one style inspiration. i feel like different parts of my style are influenced by different people. to name a few would be audrey hepburn, kandee johnson, lucy hale.
  4. do you remember the first makeup item you purchased?
    • i dont remember if it was the first thing i purchased but its the only one that sticks out in my mind. it was the covergirl smoothers aqua-smooth compact foundation. i remember it being in a blue compact & i obsessed over it in middle school.
  5. who is your favorite beauty blogger on youtube?
    • out of everyone i would have to say Lustrelux.. she’s hilarious and i obsess over everything she posts.
  6. what are your top 5 makeup brands?
    • make up for ever, anastasia beverly hills, maybelline, morphe & tarte
  7. what is your top beauty tip?
    • my top beauty tip would be to make sure you’re happy with the outcome before doing something to please everyone else. when i am in love with how my hair looks or with how bomb my makeup turned out, my confidence level rises drastically. always make sure you’re happy with yourself first, don’t live your life to please everyone else. do you.
  8. why did you start blogging?
    • makeup & beauty has always been my way to escape reality. i work full time as a teller & this is my way of making time for something i love.
  9. random fact about yourself?
    • i have 6 tortoises and they are my pride & joys. i talk about them like they’re human babies.
  10. how much do you spend on beauty products every month?
    • it is very rare that i splurge and spend a lot of money on beauty products each month. usually if i’m buying anything, its because i have an empty that i use everyday. so maybe $70 at most?
  11. describe your dream makeup haul
    • my dream makeup haul? buying literally everything i could ever need so i don’t have to stress over shopping for makeup again.
  12. how often do you wash your makeup brushes?
    • my personal brushes dont get cleaned very often because i am lazy about my stuff, however the brush set i have in my freelance kit are cleaned after every client.
  13. if you could only choose one, would you rather do your hair or makeup before leaving the house?
    • as much as i love makeup, i’m choosing hair. i would much rather my hair look put together. plus i kind of like my face with no makeup.
  14. beauty products you cant live without
    • primer, concealer, mascara and lipgloss
  15. what advice would you give to a beauty blogger just starting out?
    • stay true to who you are, enjoy being new to this. it’s fun, and you meet some really cool people who are passionate about the same things you are.

i hope you all enjoy! xoxo

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