to the girl who’s tired

i know the feeling much too well.

i know it’s frustrating.

i know it’s disheartening.

life can be amazing & it can also be tough.

no one could have prepared you for the obstacles you have & will continue to encounter. navigating through them may seem impossible and terrifying, but you will always come out on top.

don’t be so hard on yourself. give yourself room to make mistakes. give yourself room for growth. give yourself credit. being happy isn’t something that comes by mistake. it’s a conscious decision to simply be.

guess what? you are allowed to be exhausted & worn out. you are also allowed to not have it all figured out. you’ve been through hell and back, you fought to get to the place you are now. enjoy the moment. be happy where you are.

breathe in what you need & breathe out what you can give.

remember, it’s your life. be selfish. be so consumed in your happiness that you are blissfully unaware of the exhaustion. immerse yourself in the passionate pursuit of an enviable life.

and if you’re going to be tired, make it an enjoyable tired. do the things that make YOU want to keep going. take a leap of faith, pursue your passions, take the trip you always dreamed about. whatever it is, do it.

don’t spend your days tearing yourself down about things you simply cannot change. you are human, learn from the past. take what you’ve been through & allow it to transform you into someone stronger. into a better version of you, for you. you only get one try in this life, make it one hell of a ride.

life is tough, but you are tougher.

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