| morphe brushes review |

with all the hype around the morphe brand these days i thought i would do a review on THE GILDED SET – 901 brush set! i purchased these brushes for my freelancing kit so i was not constantly having to clean and sanitize my personal brushes prior meeting a client.

all brushes laid out- birds eye


this set is currently priced at $159.99 and includes 23 brushes total. 14 face brushes & 9 eye brushes. for each brush you pay about $7 which turns out to be pretty affordable as far as brushes go. it’s a high end quality with a drugstore price. this collection includes brushes for everything a budding makeup artist or professional would need – correct and set, blend and shade, or highlight and contour.

morphe did a really great job on the aesthetic of the collection, they are absolutely stunning. plus the gold color will stand out and add dimension to your makeup table. the handle of the brush is made from some kind of metal material, however that’s the only part of the brush that feels cheaply made. i assumed they would be on the heavier side but they are very lightweight.

eye brushes updated part 2

 the brushes themselves are something out of a dream. they are soft and blend your makeup perfectly. they aren’t dense at all, instead they’re very lightly packed. this allows the brushes to blend the product rather that pick it up and move it around your face. these brushes are the same high quality of sigma or mac brushes, but with a cheaper price tag.

face brushes updated

overall, i think this collection is worth every penny spent on it. morphe’s pricing is going to be the cheapest you will find for such high quality products. i highly recommend this set- or any morphe product in general. their eye shadow palettes & brushes are amazing. (all the brushes in this collection will be listed below.)

what other reviews would y’all want to hear my thoughts on? i’m thinking the morphe x jaclyn hill palette next!

do y’all have any morphe products you can’t live without? leave a comment and let me know what your favorites are! 

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| brushes included |

  • Y1- precision pointed powder
  • Y2- tapered powder
  • Y3- pro pointed powder
  • Y4- deluxe angle blush
  • Y5- pro tapered blush
  • Y6- pro flat buffer
  • Y7- round buffer
  • Y8- mini tapered highlight/contour
  • Y9- detail contour
  • Y10- mini detail contour
  • Y11- deluxe pointed contour
  • Y12- pro flat contour
  • Y13- pro highlight fan
  • Y14- pro detail highlight
  • Y15- deluxe round blender
  • Y16- deluxe fluff
  • Y17- deluxe detail crease
  • Y18- tapered blending fluff
  • Y19- pointed blender
  • Y20- pro round crease
  • Y21- flat definer
  • Y22- detailed bullet crease
  • Y23- pro angle liner

all brushes- up close

2 thoughts on “| morphe brushes review |

  1. They’re so pretty! I have to give them a go, money so well spent. Great blog you have!! It’d mean a lot if you checked mine out too xx


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