lately i have been stuck doing the same exact look everyday so i decided to branch out and play around with some of the colorful shades in the palette. i was extremely impressed with how pigmented the brighter shadows were, the color in the pan is what you get on your eye.


this palette has 35 new shadows, all picked out and formulated by Jaclyn Hill. she kept the palette warm toned, with shadows that are great for everyday wear & ones perfect for creating a colorful or dramatic look. for the look i did, i used only 4 shadows. i wanted this look to focus on the bright teal-ish colors of the palette.

jh eyes betterjh green shadow open

| EYES |

  • i first went in with one of my favorite transition shades in this palette SILK CREAM on a morphe E13 oval shadow fluff brush. i put a light layer of this in my crease to start laying the ground work for my eye look & i then started blending this shade up and out.
  • the next shade i used was POOTER on the same morphe E13 brush, deepening the crease slighty and blending that shadow into the first one i laid down. aside from the teal colors, these are the only transitions shadows i used. i wanted the focal point to be the brighter colors & did not want to take away from them.
  • after blending my crease out, i went it with JADA on a mac 217 brush. i started with the lightest amount of shadow on my brush to sort of sketch out where i wanted this shade. after doing so, i picked up the same shadow on a morphe E17 crease precision blender brush to start packing on that color. taking my time, i picked up more shadow and sort of pressed it into the areas i wanted it to be. in doing the pressing motion, the pigment started building up and becoming brighter. after i got the color as bright as i wanted, i went in with the same mac 217 brush to blend out any harsh edges.
  • for the last shadow, i went in with POOL PARTY on an anastasia beverly hills duo sided brush that came in the modern renaissance palette. before picking up that shadow in wet my brush with some mac fix+ to ensure the shadow would stay pigmented and bright. i took this color all over my lid and up to the crease. i packed in on quite heavy because i didn’t want the shadow to wear off during the day and lose it’s color. after i got the shadow where i wanted, i went back in with mac 217 to blend everything together.

jh inside labeled

after finishing the shadow, i went in with some wing liner & lashes to finish it off. i absolutely loved this look and kind of wished it was an everyday, wearable look. however, that might be frowned upon working at a bank. next time, i’ll probably leave the liner & lashes off to leave the focal point on the shadows themselves, but you live and you learn.

i had so much fun creating this look & i hope you all enjoy.

until next time, xoxo


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