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my name is haley & i am a 20 year old freelance makeup artist/makeup enthusiast.

i’m so glad you found my website, however you came across it. i want this to be a helpful, entertaining blog. makeup & beauty are what i am most passionate about, and i have a lot of knowledge about the industry that i would like to put out into the world. even if no one reads it.

in high school i kept mostly to myself, my weekends were spent on youtube watching tutorials & reading all the beauty guru’s blogs. that’s when i really fell in love with makeup. to me, makeup is a creative outlet. it’s a way to express yourself however you like. it allows you to completely transform how you look without being something permanent, because at the end of the day- makeup comes off.

i have struggled for years with anxiety & self-love/confidence. i was always so concerned about the way i would come across to the world around me. i was too scared to do what was going to make me happiest. within the last few years, i have turned my thinking around.

IMG_1384 (1)

if i’m happy with myself, why should it matter what anyone else thinks?

i’ve seen the way makeup has completely changed my life, and i am making it my goal to see that happen to the people around me. to help them feel like themselves again. i think that women (and men) need to be reminded they deserve to live a life filled with happiness & being content with where they’re at. it’s important to remember you have to put yourself first sometimes. in the end, all we have is ourselves.

i currently freelance in the lubbock/west texas area & would love to work with you if you’re in the area. the links to my gallery & pricing are right below.




i am so looking forward to this new journey of blogging & putting myself out there.

thanks for following along with my journey.

xoxo, haley

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